6476 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90038
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Seating Capacity: 50
Stage Dimensions:
16'-6” wide x 22' deep • 14' ceiling
(with an additional 4' “wing” stage left)
Private restroom
Secure/private dressing rooms
2 separate makeup stations
Lighting equipment:
48 channels of dimming
30 traditional 500 watt lighting instruments
6 color changing LED's
Full Specs
Sound / Video Equipment:
Onstage audio snake • 6 channel sound mixer •12' projection screen • 3k lumen HD projector • BluRay player • Mics and mic stands available
Central air and heat, generous lobby with dedicated display boards and box office unit, Audience restrooms, and a 3' H x 71/2' W two sided Marquee sign on Santa Monica Blvd.
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